The first missionary religious congregation for women in the history of the Church and the world is the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary founded in 1877 by BL. Mary of the Passion, now in the 139th year of its course.

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Missionary in its services
Mary - like in its approach.

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In Memory

Sr. Mariamma Ouseph Kutticat fmm,

 Sr. Mariamma Ouseph  Kutticat fmm, 

 25th March 2017.

 “When the sun has set and the night is on,

When the darkness falls and the light has gone,

You be her light, O Lord, and lead her on”.

Yes, the physical light has gone from Sr. Mariamma but she is with the Lord who is her eternal Light.

Dear fathers, sisters, family members and friends, we have come together to say goodbye to our dear sister Mariamma who passed away at 2.40 am yesterday. We want to express our gratitude to God who called her to the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary and Kutticat family who gave her generously to God’s service. Our heartfelt condolences to each of her dear and near ones. During this Eucharistic celebration, we pray the Lord for her eternal reward and special blessings and grace to her brother, sister and all the family members who are present here and those who could not be here.

 Sr. Mariamma, who was born on 8th February 1935, at Paika in the diocese of Changanacherry, Kerala. She entered the FMM family at Palluruthy in October 1956. She started her novitiate on 15th October 1957 in Colombo- Sri Lanka and made her first vows on December 15th 1960. Her final vows were on 15th December 1967 at Ketti, Nilgiris after which she was sent to Madras (Chennai).

Sr. Mariamma’s father was Mr. Ouseph (Joseph) Kutticat who died at the age of 84 in 1990, and mother Mary, who died at the age of 94 in 1999. She had two brothers and one sister who is a retired nurse. At the age of five she started schooling with the Carmelite sisters and they were her teachers too. She attended regular catechism in the school. She was very much loved by all at home especially by her father. Her sister Anita who is present here, was born when Mariamma was 16 years old. As soon as Mariamma finished SSLC, she joined as a candidate at Palluruthy , Kerala.

Sr. Mariamma wrote in her short autobiography that she was inspired by the Carmelite sisters to go for Mass in the parish but she did not like to join them. She had one of her cousins brothers studying in Sacred Heart Seminary, Poonamallee, who inspired her to join the fmm.Sr. Mariamma comes from a devout family where there are many religious, fathers and sisters. Her mother had a great devotion to St. Alphonsa whose tomb she visited on Saturdays.

Sr. Mariamma wrote, “I was inspired by the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the hard work of the elderly sisters of the fmm family. I was able to lay the foundation for my prayer life. I used to go for family visits, Sunday catechism, preparing children for First Holy Communion and adult baptism. I was in different charges such as kitchen, parlour, linen room, wash house, work room and canteen. I listened to the people with whom I worked and was able to listen to their sorrows and joys and take them to the Lord in prayer. This helped me to come closer to God”.

In 1992, she was diagnosed as diabetic which was a shock to her. She also developed high Blood Pressure and cholesterol. And she writes, “Slowly I yielded to God’s will and it made me to unite with Him and increased my faith. I am grateful to the Lord for keeping me in His love. He is faithful in spite of my unworthiness.”

Sr. Mariamma did her social work training  in Community Development at Nava Nirmana Social Institute, Stella Maris Convent, Chennai during 1975- 1977. In 2002, she attended a course on Ageing Spirituality at St. Thomas Convent, Mylapore for a week. She had a six weeks course on Spirituality at Hyderabad. In 2003, she was sent to Rome where she attended a course on Mary of the Passion at Grottaferata. Sr. Mariamma was grateful to God and the Institute for all the chances given to her and he continued to give. She believed that God will always be with her to help, support and guide her.

Sr. Mariamma served the Institute with a humble heart in various capacities and at different places like Lourdupuaram in Kerala, Stella Maris Convent Chennai, Nazareth Convent Ooty, St. Dominic’s Convent St. Thomas Mount, St. Michael’s Convent Ketti, Fatima Nagar, Trichy, St. Thomas Convent, Mylapore and spent two years at Stella Maris Convent for social work studies. After her training sister was sent to a small community in Muthuvedu of Kanchipuram Dist.  While at Amali Illam Muthuvedu, she taught at the Grihini School, teaching art and craft to the women and children. She also looked after the farm at Muthuvedu. From here she was sent  to Sacre Coeur Convent Tuticorin and was in charge of the farm at Pandarampatti. In 1986, she worked at the embroidery section at St. Dominic’s Convent. While at St. Dominic’s Convent she had preparation for Golden Jubilee and celebrated in 2007.

Sr. Mariamma was a hard working person who loved people, nature and animals, till she fell and broke her hip and was hospitalized in November 2016. The students, staff and workers found Sr. Mariamma in the garden of Holy Angels’, digging, watering, and preparing pots, and at times uprooting old plants or weeds at any time of the day be it in the hot sun or in the rain.

Sister Mariamma has been in all the communities of the province except Trichy and now she was cared for by the sisters of Child Jesus community from December 2016. The sisters, the doctors, nurses and the co-workers are like angels at the beck and call of each one in the Infirmary and Sr. Mariamma was especially cared for as her sugar level was fluctuating, memory failed and her condition deteriorated. Sr. Mariamma surrendered herself to God’s will. May she rest in peace and intercede for all of us.

, we have come together to say goodbye to our dear sister. During this Eucharistic celebration, we pray the Lord for her eternal reward and special blessings and grace to her brother, sister and all the family members who are present here and those who could not be here.

Sr. Kochuthresia fmm