The first missionary religious congregation for women in the history of the Church and the world is the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary founded in 1877 by BL. Mary of the Passion, now in the 139th year of its course.

Franciscan in its essence.
Missionary in its services
Mary - like in its approach.

» Dedicated to universal mission

» Seek strength from the Eucharist

» And offer ourselves in challenging services


Man of the Year

Man of the Year

Man of his era was Francis of Assisi

Men of yester years were Popes John xxIII and John Paul II

Man of the Year 2013, is our present Pope Francis, acclaims Time magazine.

Past is history and the future is a mystery, the present is the reality

Indeed we are lucky to live in the present.


To a world going in leaps and bounds

Away from values and morals

Comes the Servant of God, Pope Francis – simple, humble and forthright

With a convincing style of communication

Walking the talk and talking the walk

Capturing and captivating the hearts of one and all.

Pope Francis of our time is – God’s gift

A grace so much needed - from personal to global levels.




All hearts rejoice and faces beam with a smile

To behold the Divine Son in the form of a Babe becoming the Man of history!

Our Lord Jesus, Emmanuel

The sole Master, whose words are light and life

Invites each one of us to become “A person of our day” Christ like

 In love, peace and hopeful joy.