The first missionary religious congregation for women in the history of the Church and the world is the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary founded in 1877 by BL. Mary of the Passion, now in the 139th year of its course.

Franciscan in its essence.
Missionary in its services
Mary - like in its approach.

» Dedicated to universal mission

» Seek strength from the Eucharist

» And offer ourselves in challenging services


Kinds of people

                      Two kinds of people in your life



           When God wants to bless you, He sends a person in your life.
        When the devil wants to destroy you, he sends a person in your life.
        How can we tell the difference? By knowing your people connections.




          Your success depends on the quality of people you are connected to, and                                                   there  are two types of people you’ll come in contact with throughout your lifetime: 

 1) Those who add and multiply, making you more than you are;

2) And those who subtract and divide, thereby devaluing you.

Never allow people into your life without knowing their agenda.
Find out where they came from and why they want to be connected to you.
When a person is in your life and your life is declining, they are not a God connection!
                                 A healthy connection will protect your self-worth even when you’re experiencing a season of pain
or struggling with pain in your life


God connection


A true God connection will never abandon his assignment until you reach your full potential!


God's plan




- molly coutinho

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