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World Day of Fight Against Hansens disease


The President of the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers renews his invitation to work to ensure that this Sixtieth World Leprosy Day constitutes a new ‘fitting occasion for intensifying the service of charity in our ecclesial communities, so that each one of us can be a good Samaritan for others, for those close to us’. 

A ‘fitting occasion for intensifying the service of charity

On 27 January 2013 we will celebrate the sixtieth World Day for the fight against leprosy, a malady that is as old as it is grave when we consider the suffering, the social exclusion and the poverty that Hansen’s disease involves. This event constitutes for all Christians, for institutions and agencies providing aid and help, and for men and women of good will, a valuable opportunity to relaunch their efforts in favour of those who are directly afflicted by Mycobacterium Leprae or are indirectly affected by it, such as family relatives, promoting a renewed drive for the social integration of those people who bear its marks. According to the most recent data of the WHO, about 220,000 people – men, women and children – contracted leprosy in 2011 and many of these new cases were diagnosed when the disease was at an advanced stage. These data demonstrate the continuation – notwithstanding the praiseworthy action of international and national, governmental and non-governmental, institutions ,..

Lastly, while thanking all those who have striven so much, and strive so much, in the fight against leprosy, I address my most fervent prayer to the Virgin Mary, Salus Infirmorum, so that all suffering people may find relief and support in their relationship with God and in the action of the very many people who dedicate their lives to them.

With my nearness, prayers and blessing.

Zygmunt Zimowski,
President of the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers

Let us walk in their shoe, feel their scourge, identify their plight and united with them pray for them. In this year of Faith, may they be strengthened to continue their strife and as long as they live. May the efforts taken and the service rendered to them be richly blessed.


On the 63rd Republic day we pray our noble Motherland India to be blessed with peace, development and prosperity for all. May those entrusted with leadership roles do their best for its citizens and eradicate the marks of various kinds of disfigurement on its image and more so in its soul. May the numerous uprising of people be listened to and answered so that we live as children of the soil with contentment, chivalry and pride.



                           Jai Hind!


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