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Teachers' day 2013

Teaching is a noble profession, a demanding one because it is altruistic. Self is not the centre but the students. Things have advanced, learning is different, and the accorded degrees have a different significance. Situation in the class is different. Demands on teachers are increasing. Students are given support presuming it to be helpful. With the possibility of correction withdrawn, there is a marked difference.

However, teaching and learning need to be continued but differently:

The teacher must be an animator rather than a mere leader.
One can be an animator only by being "Within a group".
Whereas teacher evokes a vertical and hierarchical structure,
"Animator" refers to a centrifugal and a centripetal position, vis – a – vis a group.

A teacher is one, who knows,
An animator is one who knows what the students know and takes them beyond what they know.

A teacher is the focus of the attention of the class;
An animator focuses the attention of the class.

A teacher is a person of caliber,
An animator raises the quality of the class.

A teacher makes one's voice heard in the class
An animator gives the class a voice that can be heard.

A teacher goes on ahead of the students
An animator lives at the pulse beat of the class.

A teacher tells the student what to do
An animator awakens the students' capabilities to act.

A teacher creates and lives out the ideal of the class
An animator is the symbol of the group's identity.

A teacher portrays the challenge of authority
An animator challenges the students' own possibility of exercising power.

A teacher orders the class
An animator propels the class.

A teacher can channel the energies of a class
An animator can create new energies in a class

A teacher is a model for the students
An animator takes up the image of the students, transforms it and projects it back to the students.

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