The first missionary religious congregation for women in the history of the Church and the world is the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary founded in 1877 by BL. Mary of the Passion, now in the 139th year of its course.

Franciscan in its essence.
Missionary in its services
Mary - like in its approach.

» Dedicated to universal mission

» Seek strength from the Eucharist

» And offer ourselves in challenging services


Our father St.Francis


O man of God, the poor one

 A saint loved by all, followed by many

You attract others not to yourself

But to Christ, the ONE you loved so intimately

That you resembled Him, even to the extent of bearing the wounds on your body.

You heeded to Love’s call

Ready to give up, your all.

And in the hands of the Master of all

You became all in all:

A human being, lover of nature and the poor,

Child of God, brother among others and a lover of creation.

Giving up your limited family, now you’re blessed with,

God as father, earth as mother, creation as  your brother and sister.

The large band of friars and others

All desire to be like you, to reconcile and to restore, the original dignity as God’s own.


Our Pope Francis loved you so much that he took your name

Wanting to be like you, poor and different according to the gospel.

God bless our Pope and his hope to make the Church and its fold, true and zealous,

                Be a light according to the mind of Jesus, strong in faith, sure in hope and excel in Love.




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