The first missionary religious congregation for women in the history of the Church and the world is the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary founded in 1877 by BL. Mary of the Passion, now in the 139th year of its course.

Franciscan in its essence.
Missionary in its services
Mary - like in its approach.

» Dedicated to universal mission

» Seek strength from the Eucharist

» And offer ourselves in challenging services


Intentions for December


  Intention from our website for December 2014


 - For numerous families that are suffering due to the drunken heads of families

 - For youngsters in search of suitable employment

 - For the homeless people due to natural and other calamities

 -For our political leaders that they work for the betterment of the poor

-For the victims of strife and war

 -For peace in the world and collaboration between nations

-For the healing of a person suffering from chronic disorder in the stomach

-For financial help for a person to undergo a major surgery

-For speedy release from fear, weakness and addiction

- For a family asking for the good health of their children

-That this advent season may be a journey towards the horizon of hope for all


Lonely people. That all who suffer loneliness may experience the closeness

 of God and the support of others.

Mentors of seminarians and religious.  That young seminarians and religious

 may have  wise and well-formed mentors.  


  COME                 Lord Jesus


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