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Herbal Exhibition

Herbal Exhibition at Ishalaya

The universe is filled with the glory of God and also with many natural riches. One of these is medicinal plants that we see around us. Many of these plants can be used for common ailments like cold, cough, headache, fever etc without going to a doctor. We only have to be aware of the medicinal values of these ordinary plants, herbs, vegetables, fruits etc and make the best use of them.

It was a great joy for us to start the New Year with a new venture, that is, we had the inauguration of an exhibition on Herbal Medicines by Fr. Scaria O.F.M. on the 2nd Jan and open till the end of Feb 2013.

We have displayed a lot of medicinal plants along with the posters explaining the name and the medicinal properties of the plants. Besides, there are calendars produced by CHAI (Christian Hospital Association of India) for the past 10 years, highlighting the treatment of particular diseases with different herbs, vegetables, fruits etc.  The calendar for the current year gives treatment for diabetes. There are also posters with simple remedies and suggestions for every day needs like hair care, pimples, beauty tips etc.

Sr. Mary John her companion adds: “Sr.Teresa Dominic (Tara) is a lover of plants. The secret of her good health at the age of 85 is that she spends some time every day in the garden among the green vegetation. Her interest goes back to mid seventies. While working as the hostel warden of Stella Maris College, she took part in the annual flower show of the Horticultural Society of Madras. There she got the first prize.... from the Governor of Madras ....for the plant coleuses and the second prize for flower arrangement. About this time she followed a short course in naturopathy for two weeks.

Since then she started collecting materials and books in different languages. She thought of sharing her knowledge with the students and the public and got translated into Telugu some of the important information and computerized it. The flex charts are colourful and appealing.

The exhibition is very informative and instructive as it covers medicinal plants grown in the campus, their use and benefits. Enhancement of beauty that nature provides is made simple. The sale of medicinal plants triggered interest in the local residents and the students. The flow of visitors ranging from families, students of schools and the wayfarers amounted to more than 1500 and some even repeated their visits.

We are lucky to have a visit from the All India Formation team of FMMs on the 9th February 2013. They came in the morning and after breakfast they went around and saw the exhibition, which was followed by a solemn Indian rite mass with melodious singing mostly in Telugu. They were very happy with their visit to Palmaner and the visit to Our lady’s Convent and the friary as well.

I am happy to be able to share my interest and the knowledge I gathered during the course of the years of the past with others. This I find is a befitting contribution from an ashramite and I am happy. Through this exhibition the Ashram too gained importance in significance. The meeting of the public with the inmates of the ashram has strengthened the other important activity of the ashram namely Dialogue which has now become a weekly feature.

The ashram is an abode of peaceful presence. The surrounding is green and colourful, lush with flowers and fruits. A visit to this site will make it true to you.

Sr. Teresa Dominic F.M.M. (Tara)
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Chittoor Dt – A.P.INDIA
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