The first missionary religious congregation for women in the history of the Church and the world is the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary founded in 1877 by BL. Mary of the Passion, now in the 143rd year of its course.

Franciscan in its essence.
Missionary in its services
Mary - like in its approach.

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Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Social Service Soc

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Social Service Society -Mumbai

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Social Service Society (FMMSSS) came into existence on 31st January 2004 with the sole aim of promoting an integral development of Women, Youth and Children. Its activities are spread over in five states of India which constitute Mumbai Province namely Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Orissa with a strong base and head office at Andhra Pradesh.

We, at FMM SSS encourage participatory planning, implementation, monitoring, review and evaluation of the programs which help the people to take keen interest in development activities and issues that affect the individuals and community.

Besides these organized programs, we also undertake awareness activities on various issues like skills development in social and educational fields, humanitarian activities for the welfare of individuals, groups and communities to bring relief and comfort to women, youth and children.
We are delighted to note the tangible change in the attitudes of the individuals, families and communities through various activities that were carried out in the above mentioned 5 states. It is gratifying to see the lasting impact of the programs on people.
We march towards the future with a clear vision and commitment to the mission that is ahead of us, through a specific methodology and values to guide us to reach the goal. The following include our Vision, Mission and Value statements.

Vision: We, the members of FMM SSS challenged by Jesus the liberator, give a prophetic response to the present realities of the disadvantaged and facilitate their growth by promoting equality, justice, dignity and peace, in harmony with creation, ushering in a new world order.

Mission: Our response to the cry of the needy urges us to commit ourselves in a special way to  the empowerment of women, the education of girl child,  the development of the youth, the awareness on reality of HIV/AIDS, the protection and promotion of  environment.
Through: Capacity building, Sustainable development, Collaboration and networking, Research and documentation
Values: In our being and acting we are animated by professionalism, transparency an inclusive hospitality, uncompromising authenticity, joy and commitment.

Projects Taken up by FMM Social Service Society
Andhra & Orissa Region

  • VANAM Mahila Cooperative
  • Child Protection Project- UNICEF
  • Residential Special Training Center(Transit Home)
  • Sustainable Development of Dommara Community
  • Skill Development of Adolescents
  • Educational support to underprivileged children
  •  Care and Support to HIV/AIDS Orphan Children
  •  Child Line India Foundation
  •  Supplementary Education( Orissa)
  •  Development of Marine Fisher Women( Orissa)

Western Region

Development Programmes :
Women Development
The aim of the programmme is to empower women with various skills to facilitate their growth in their communities and to enable them to use all their assets for self reliance and dignified living.
Nearly 9500 women spread over 100 villages in four states of India A.P., Gujarat, Maharashtra and Orissa are being organized into Self-Help Groups in 13 centers. 

  •  Child Health initiative Leading to Development(CHILD)( Mumbai)
  •  Meeting the Commercial Sex Workers Face to Face(Kamatipura,Mumbai)
  •  Collaboration with Health Promotion Trust(HPT) (Mumbai)
  •  Social Service Activity at Koparkairane( Vashi)
  •  Peace Harmony Development (PHD) Vasai
  •  Community Based Agriculture (Bironda)
  •  Supplementary Education (Naroda)

1 VANAM Cooperative Society

FMM Social Service Society heads VANAM Mahila Cooperative Society in Andhra Pradesh. It is present in 3 districts of Andhra Pradesh namely Warangal, Nalgonda and Mahabubnagar districts. It had spread in 57 villages, with 8140 women, formed into 619 self help groups. VANAM promotes Economic development, Social responsibility, Leadership skills, Legal literacy, Health education, Sanitation, Adult literacy, Environmental awareness, Cultural and National integration.

2 UNICEF-Child Protection Project

In collaboration with UNICEF FMM SSS has worked in two Mandals -Atmakur and Hasanparthy consists of 50 Villages to safeguard Children’s rights and to address all child Protection issues in an integrated manner. In three years Child Labour and child drop out rate in 50 villages was brought down to Zero Level.

3  Skill Development Trainings to Adolescent Girls and Boys

FMM SSS has taken keen interest in skill development programmes namely in cutting and tailoring in 7 villages and computer education in 2 villages. Approximately 131 women were trained in cutting and tailoring and 25 youth were given computer education. Such efforts has helped the youth self reliant and better skilled to meet their needs with respect and dignity. Those trained in cutting tailoring were also helped in getting tailoring machines
Approximately 68 machines were distributed to those who came forward with partial cost of the machine.


4 Transit home- Residential Special Training Center (RSTC)

All round development and healthy growth of the underprivileged children is the basic focus of this home. A  home where children from various direction like child labourers, school dropouts, street children and orphan children are taken great care in educating them, not only in academic studies but also of their rights to education, respect and dignity. Every year 50- 100 children were accommodated and accompanied in our center.


5 Care and Support for HIV Infected Orphan Children - Assuntha Asha Nilayam

Assuntha Asha Nilayam aims at involving ourselves in reaching out with love and compassion, to the wounded orphan children of the society infected with HIV/AIDS. Today 33 children are provided a true home at Assuntha Asha Nilayam, where they live in peace, freedom and harmony. Here in this home just like any other children or even more, learn the values of life such as care, respect, concern and compassion. The children are taught to reach out in



helping and caring one another. Out of 33, 32 of them are attending the regular school.

Sustainable Development of Women and Children of  Dommara Community

Considering Human Trafficking as one of the serious social problems, trafficking of women and children for prostitution/ commercial sex exploitation is a heinous crime which needs special attention. In Warangal district (Andhra Pradesh) there are 6 villages having brothels with women and child prostitutes drawn from urban and rural areas. For socio-economic reasons, these women and girls either forcefully or willfully joined this trade. Surprisingly women from particular caste known as Dommara have taken sex trade as their traditional income earning right over the years in these villages.                                                                                                                                   Considering the intensity of the problem, experiences and lessons learnt, FMM Social Service Society has taken up the project ‘Sustainable development of women and children of Dommara community’ since 2008 with the support of  

Manos Unidas Spain with specific goal and strategic plans in 4 Villages.







7 Children's program

Tuition Classes: 4 Tuition Centers for the school going children were being run at four target villages. All in all there were 120 and more children who attend classes in these centres.

Annual Children's meet: We had organized annual Children's meet to encourage and motivate the children to concentrate on their studies. Also organised extra curricular activities to bring out their hidden talents and finally provided an outing for all 110 children from all tuition centres.
Competitions and games were conducted to enthuse the children on several occasions and gave prizes


8 Alternative income generation activities and the outcome

Tailoring units: Women who learnt cutting and tailoring at our centers, got a big stitching order of 12000 uniforms from 2 mandals Government School and Social Welfare hostels and earned a good amount of money.



Educational support for Underprivileged Children

1. Consultation and motivational talks to the parents through family contacts:

The FMMSSS coordinators identified the children through family contacts. They discussed the project with the women groups and identified the needy families who were having more than two girl children to support financially to one of the children from each family. The coordinators educated the parents through group meetings, one to one discussions, etc on the importance of education to girl children.


2. Financial support to 700 girl children:

The Coordinators submitted the list of the children to the Director FMSSS. She took few days to verify the data and found that data were perfect. We found all the children deserve our support for their education. These children belong to the poorest of the poor sections of the society. The families found difficult to educate the girl children and the parents were looking for some external financial assistance. Through this project, FMSSS has given Rs.1000/- per child to purchase the text books, note books, school uniforms, school bags etc. After few days the coordinators were asked to find out how the children are doing in their studies. We found over 85 per cent of the children are doing well in studies.


Sr. Elishwa Fmm

Programme Director