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ST. Michael's Matriculation School,Ketti

Inauguration of St. Michael’s Matriculation School- Ketti

Born of the dream of Sr. Sophia Monis our former Provincial and the hard labour of Sr. Mercy Angela, our former Superior, St. Michael’s Matriculation had its humble beginnings in the year 2010, in the old JyothiSadan Community which had been lying vacant since2005. It was then known as St. Michael’s Nursery and Primary School. This continued for three years. There were minimum facilities and a lot of inconveniences, but the children were enthusiastic, parents and teachers were hopeful that someday, there would be better facilities and better class rooms. Soon it was time to begin class6, and the children could no longer be accommodated in the present building. Various alternatives were suggested, each rejected by the education department which was uncompromising. They insisted on a strong structure and facilities according to the current specifications. The parents too were insistent that they badly needed a good English medium school in Ketti.

Financially the school was penniless. Sr. Valsa bravely accepted the challenge and offered both financial and moral support to build  totallya new structure for the school. Construction of a new building meant that the workroom and the adjoining rooms which had been used as the wash house, Baby Class etc had to be demolished. The work began in 2012. Within a year,  after much hard work and the generous support of many communities L shaped building with a beautiful play ground in front , came up by August, 2013.


So it was, on the auspicious day , 15th August, our staff, students and parents gathered in front of the school with gladness and excitement, to welcome the Chief Guest, Sr. Valsa Joseph, Provincial, Mr. Desingh DEEO, Fr.Devraj our Parish Priest and Sr.Lally, Superior and Principal with Aarathi. Sr. Valsa cut the ribbon and declared the building officially open. The guests of honour along with a parent and a staff member lit the Kuthuvilakku after which Father Devraj read the Word of God and blessed the new building.

Thereafter all were led to the newly constructed gallery, where Mr. Desingh hoisted the National Flag .This was followed by the march past by all our students from classes 1-7 all displaying proudly the new uniforms they had just acquired. The prayer song with rhythmic movements, slow and meditative formations culminated with bharathanatyam, captivated the eyes of everyone. All the students in the march past and the staff participated in this. The children got an opportunity to display their talents, as each class depicted through song and dance the richness of our culture, the brave leaders of our nation and its noble ideals of harmony and brotherhood.

The highlight of the programme was a display of Yogasanas by some of the students from classes5,6,and 7. It was simply marvelous to see the co-ordination, suppleness and discipline of these young children, all learnt in a few days!


The cultural programme was interspersed with felicitations from two representatives of parents, the chief guest’s address and Mr. Desingh’s speech. Sr. Valsa captured the attention of everyone with her Tamil-English speech. Her advice to the parents and children were eagerly listened to. Mr. Desinghwith his experience of fmm schools in the hills expressed his confidence that the school was in safe hands and the parents need have no fear in entrusting their children to the Sisters.

One of the significant moments was the honouring of the sisters at the time of foundation- Sr. Mercy, Sr. Anies, Sr.Lally and of course Sr. Valsa. The contributions of the engineer, supervisor, and the main workers were appreciated and honoured with customary shawls and a suitable gift.

Finally Sr. Lally thanked everyone. The list indeed was long. But each one needed. to be singled out, recognized and thanked- from our own congregation which had been the backbone of this venture , the parents who had contributed generously whatever they could in big and small ways, the various  government officials, the staff, students, friends, well-wisher, sisters…….God had manifested His care and bounty through so many, many persons!!May God continue to shower His blessings on the School!

“If it is God’s work it will flourish”Mary of the Passion’s words echoed in our hearts as we all dispersed with great joy and hope for the future.