The first missionary religious congregation for women in the history of the Church and the world is the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary founded in 1877 by BL. Mary of the Passion, now in the 139th year of its course.

Franciscan in its essence.
Missionary in its services
Mary - like in its approach.

» Dedicated to universal mission

» Seek strength from the Eucharist

» And offer ourselves in challenging services

Life Shared

You are a miracle! jubilee 2014

                                                                                        You are A miracle !

ARRIVAL; - Feb.16th, 2014 the long awaited day brought us together, after 20,30,40,50 years of an interval. At ICC we 34 JUBILARIANS of India were welcomed with exuberant joy. It is then our turn to embrace, exchange and surprisingly meet our batch of sisters transformed unrecognizable. Needless to say we missed very much the five who couldn’t join us.

 BE A BLESSING AND BLESS ALL    FR.Gnanasekar, SSS      Feb.17th--21st 

To be a blessing, affirm the past, which gave you life, light, vision and vitality and appreciate the best in everything and in every one. Discover all that was good; dream a vision for a fruitful future. Design and prioritize the process and build up steps to implement to achieve your destiny.

To bless all…to bless is to be consecrated. Set aside. This blessing of God enables you to melt and merge in the womb of God and become immersed in God. Thus you become the Ark of the Covenant-the visible sign of the invisible God’s presence. I am in God and God is in me – oneness. This supreme energy that originates goes to all as blessings. Such God- consciousness transforms you, to be a blessing and bless all.

To be so…Remind, renew, recharge your unconditional covenant, with God and Congregation;

Relive the covenantal relationship; Seek God, and God alone;

Build up the Eucharistic Spirituality of dying and rising; celebrate the GIFT OF GOD.

The Outing and Rest: Feb.22nd and and Rest

In Togetherness we chatted, celebrated while traveling meditated and bathed in the Isha Yoga Centre and became energized; karunya Centre, once again elevated our spirit, the botanical gardens offered feast to the mind and the body. There were more lovers than flowers!!The fun and frolic coated games to suit our age group, delighted us and the prizes surprised us with joy and cheers. Then we indeed deserved a relaxing day of rest the following day. 


 BORN A WOMAN…BORN OF A WOMAN   Sr.Stella Balthazar, FMM,  Feb.24th-25th   

God created us in His own image and likeness with a sense of equality, celebration and inclusive relationship. As Spirit animated persons, we are to move forward towards the source of energy without hampering the flow.  It is our right to reclaim the roots of liberation. Empower self by being positive, activating the five channels within us. Through the process of networking and advocacy, invest the energy to change self and the entire universe. Mary, the magnificat personality proved to be the prototype of a paradigm shift. Martha in the Gospel invited us to be bold enough to raise our voices for justice and truth. Besides the spirit-filling morning meditations, soul elevating evening hour of prayers, the Eucharistic celebrations that unfolded and highlighted the values of being women and the apt films and songs emphasized the salient qualities of women, forcing us to glorify, God Almighty for being a woman. Having one of our own sisters as resource person was  an added joy.


Franciscan Spirituality is known to all. What is domestic about it? That indeed was the new way of looking and organizing.  Spirituality made very homely! The core and essence of our life is Spirituality. Each Founder re-discovered one’s own spirituality according to one’s specific sensitivity of the Gospel. Franciscan spirituality was a new paradigm- a new trend, spelt out by Francis and Clare, was lived and interpreted by their followers. Inspired by the voice from the Crucifix at San Damien-“BUILD MY HOUSE” Francis embraced the whole world as his home and all as brothers and sisters. Hence the spirituality that emerged from his mind-set is named as “FRANCISCAN DOMESTIC SPIRITUALITY”

Few of the constituent elements of this spirituality are:

To be ENGAGED as Jesus Incarnate- the visible sign of the invisible God. Jesus beckons us to a life of commitment, transformation and active involvement.

Anything as real as Jesus assuming flesh and frailty is EMBODIED spirituality. Francis’ stigma was the impact of reality.

Being informed of the plight of the world, became inspired about self and responded actively to the human and social needs of his and to the end.  As a man of prayer and devotion, Francis proved to be an ENLIGHTENED man of his time.

Francis’ vision and vibrant involvement embraced the whole universe, “The whole world is our cloister” said Francis. As a mark of his inclusive and extensive love for all, Francis sang the Canticle of Creation that beautifully pictured his ENLARGED spirituality.

In short, his spirituality was ENDURING, EVANGELICAL, ECCLESIAL, ECO –SPIRITUAL etc, etc, etc.

Sr. Regina Antonymuthu, FMM Feb 28th-March 4th

On 26th with exuberant joy we set out to the Queen of hills; the weather was quite favourable to our aged group; though a few were subjected to great inconvenience. Visit to the other houses were too good. In Kotagiri, we were welcomed with power point, song, dance and high tea. Then to our jubilation, we visited the transformed premises: the pre - novitiate, the spirit elevating garden with flowers and the silence of the cemetery. The sumptuous meal with endless variety restored the energy spent.  Then we walked to Nirmal Sadan, met sisters and at 3.30 pm we proceeded to Ootacamund - the cradle of our Institute.


  Though short, together with Sr.Regina’s heart touching sharing of the experiences of our Bl. Mary of the Passion and her companions; brought Maman vibrant and alive, and our spirits were rejuvenated. The souvenir room, the prayer at the Oratory and the Eucharist with enlightening homilies by young priests and the Sunday Eucharist was made special by the Boarders’ choir. The surprising treat was the jubilant celebration with campfire in the evening. The labour of their love really struck us with awe. At Bethlehem, we had adoration thanking God for the history, the mystery of His plan for us. We are indeed very grateful for the wonderful time offered to us and we’ll continue to cherish the sweet memories lifelong and be a blessing to one and all. This was the most prized part of our journey. 

Shree Vidya Durga C,  March 6th -7th

We are an integration of body and mind. Healthy mind in a healthy body. We learnt with much interest, that Asana, Breathing exercises and Mudras which practiced regularly purifies the internal organs, stimulates the glands, and increases our span of life. It is only listening to our body and fulfilling its needs in the margas stipulated by Yogis that one enjoys contended life. Contact the participants for details regarding the Cardio exercises that could be performed without much exertion even seated!

WOMEN”S DAY CELEBRATION   V.O.C. Park   March 8th 6.00 p.m

 Our Thalir Association of Women, Coimbatore, empowered by our FMM sisters, staged a solemn programme in which the jubilarians were the special guests of honour!!  We were received with broaches and flowers by lively and lovely ladies and loud cheers with music. Our fifty years of dedicated service in various fields was highly recognized and applauded and a beautiful memento was presented to each one of us. It was a celebration which highlighted the women’s empowerment through speeches, dances and parai aattams. Nearly12, 000 women were gathered from the 120 Centres. Hearty congratulations to Sr.Rebecca and her staff.

       Retreat   Fr.Michael Parker.SSS    March 9th -14th

The Franciscan movement, an epoch-making world-wide event of the Middle age; has taken the force of a tsunamic magnitude giving New life with its Magna Carta. Accordingly throughout this period, the programme led us to delve deep into that FRANCISCAN STREAM. The retreat was the final stage of flow, gathering together all the wealth and contributing to the richness of the destiny. We are very grateful to our retreat preacher whose 20 years of life and mission experience in Assisi, blended with his vast knowledge of the current authors’ researches and the supportive quotes from our Constitutions. His appreciation of the merit of our Constitutions, elevated our hearts and minds to our GOD of love to share with others as transformed religious, with Patience, Persistence, Passion and  Prayer, the entire world at large and to make real the saying “ONE PEOPLE, ONE GLOBAL FAMILY” so desired by Christ according to the heart of the Father.                         


  The coming together was only the start. Our staying and sharing was the mark. The celebration on 15th of the Jubilee was the climax. Rt. Rev Bishop and priests, just the secretary, chaplain and the preacher of retreat were the Celebrants at the altar. We were received by the school children dancing, arathi etc. The Eucharist was solemn, of course. There was a reception in the decorated refectory. Dances, St. Francis, Bl.Mary of the Passion, Bl. Assunta and the martyrs appeared giving a message. A grand lunch, needless to say, capped it all!

The recreation was the most awesome moment. The entire Immaculate Conception community participated in enacting the scene of the Canonization of the living 34 jubilarians! The advanced Church introduced in addition, the Lady Cardinals, Lady Bishops and holy Laity!!The solemnity of the appearance of the Pope, Cardinals and bishops were astounding. The process was meticulous: merits called forth and Cardinal Sin profusely and fittingly raising objections. Pope Francis was all set to acknowledge the service of the religious women! The process was hilarious but to see the possibility of us being canonized was soul elevating. Each one looked holier thereafter!!!

It was the turn of the jubilarians to render thanks through a speaking chorus in which all participated combined with grateful songs to the melody of the SNS. The participants will explain better ; for details contact them!!!   


All said and done, we gratefully acknowledge the thoughtfulness of the provincials to organize such a lovely treat for the jubilarians. Having been a part of this group, we can say that the province of CBE went more than an extra mile in making this month, one of grace and blessing to each of us. To Srs. Valsa, the provincial, Rosely and kochu, the organisers, Anasthas, the superior and the community, we owe an ocean of thanks and in turn will keep on blessing…                  

Ever grateful Jubilarians, 2014