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Dr. Ashraf's Doctor's day Award

Dr. Ashraf’s Doctor’s day Award
I glorify you on earth by completing, down to the last detail, what you assigned me to do.(Jn 17:4)


Living for God’s glory is the greatest achievement we can accomplish with our lives. I can definitely see and testify that our dear Sr. Theresa Nadackal finds greater joy in living her life for God’s glory. She accomplished all that was entrusted to her with great commitment and enthusiasm. Not only we the sisters recognize her greatness and her service to society but the Indian Medical Association - Trichy Branch and all the doctors who belong to this Association recognized her for her meritorious service in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She received the prestigious award “Dr.Ashraf’s Doctor’s Day Award’, on 27.07.2014, during Doctor’s Day celebrations. This function was organized by IMA( Indian Medical Association) –Trichy Branch and held in Breeze Residency,Tiruchirappalli.                

                                                                                                                            Congratulations!! Sr.Theresa.

Sr. Theresa’s Healing ministry- a reflection

Sr. Theresa Nadackal, fmm, is a medical doctor and has been serving in Child Jesus Hospital, Trichy, for 39 years. She had done her undergraduate medical studies at the Sacred Heart Catholic University of Rome, and post graduation in India, specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBG) it is good that we recognize her contribution in the FMM Healing Ministry as well as her work of changing policies that helped the weak and the marginalized.

Sr. Theresa writes:
Service in the Refugee Camp: In the early 70’s during the influx of Bangala refugees to India I served in the Malon refugee camp at the Indo - Bangala border with Sr. Celestine Sequeira fmm, and Brothers of different Religious Congregations for three months. Some 700- 800 refugees with various ailments were attended to daily. We slept in tents at night at the mercy of the rain and the storm and crawling “intruders” with disturbed sleep and frequent frightening noises of the guns. Thus at the beginning of my ministry I learned to lean on God with trust and confidence.
Medico – legal Patients: It was a policy that the hospital would not treat the Medico-legal patients. Looking into the present situation of the frequent emergencies arising in the milieu due to accidents, suicidal attempts and assaults we amended the clause in the policy in order to meet the desperate needs of the people to offer them our loving services.
Maria Niketan Infirmary (MNI): Many of our sisters who are sick and chronically ill from Chennai province are cared for in this infirmary (also some sisters from other provinces of India), which is attached to the hospital and the chapel. I must say this is a most formidable task. Our Blessed Mother Foundress wanted brave, valiant daughters; may she intercede for us that we learn to give without counting the cost.
HIV/AIDS Care: In the early 2000 when many HIV positive sick people came to the hospital our doctors were reluctant to treat them and they were turned away. Looking at the plight of these patients and wanting to tackle this problem, I enrolled myself in the very first batch of ‘HIV Physician Training Course’ at Christian Medical College, Vellore in 2002 and  we started regular HIV treatment at Child Jesus Hospital.
Ethical Standards: It is nearly 4 decades since India legalized termination of pregnancy and other family planning methods. Though we do not perform abortions and sterilizations, it is not rare today to find persons coming to us requesting abortions. On my part I tell them not to undergo abortion; but I explain to them the abundance of blessings in store for preserving and promoting life. In spite of my persuasion some still remain obstinate; they go elsewhere and get the procedure done without any qualms of conscience. In our services in the wards and in the teaching the curriculum, we convey the greatest respect for human life and bring regular public awareness of the ill effects of abortions.
Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU): With a well equipped and efficiently functioning NICU we are able to care for the premature and the sick newborns from Trichy and the neighbouring districts. Besides our residential Paediatrician, quite a few other Paediatricians admit their patients in our NICU, as this is the best Unit in Trichy .
Prison Ministry: With the official permission from the government we started Health Care services mainly for the women and children at the central and sub-jail at Trichy. Some of our main services include monthly medical evaluation and weekly visits to inculcate value education, health education, interactive sessions, group therapy sessions,  counseling etc.
I am happy and grateful to God to be able to record some areas of our services. “…….If it is God’s work, it will continue; which means it will expand responding to the needs of the times. I recognize a positive outcome even in the midst of discouraging and conflicting situations and these are miracles which take place in our hospital daily.
Blessed Mary of the Passion has recommended us to carry our concerns to the Lord at the Altar and take His blessings to those under our care and those whom we encounter. I experience the joy and contentment through the Healing Ministry which gives me a sacred sense of reverence as I approach the living temples (patients) where the Lord dwells.

Sr.Theresa Nadackal fmm.
Child Jesus Hospital, Trichy.