The first missionary religious congregation for women in the history of the Church and the world is the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary founded in 1877 by BL. Mary of the Passion, now in the 139th year of its course.

Franciscan in its essence.
Missionary in its services
Mary - like in its approach.

» Dedicated to universal mission

» Seek strength from the Eucharist

» And offer ourselves in challenging services

Life Shared




October 11, 2014, was an opportune day for us to have the children form ICC middle school, Coimbatore for the village exposure programme. We were glad to welcome them with chandhan and kumkum, at the entrance of our house. Sr. Helen Joseph fmm, the Co-coordinator of Deepam Women Trust inaugurated the programme by invoking the blessings of God and she welcomed Sr. Caroline Victoria fmm, the teachers, the children and introduced the, motto of this mission’s trust and the benefit of exposure programme.
Mr.Swaminathan, the staff of Deepam Women trust gave a wonderful input session on Children’s Parliament, the advantages and the benefits received by the children for their village from the government. He motivated them by giving the following steps for their growth:-

Perseverance--Practice- Growth - Happiness
Children showed their enthusiasm and gladness as they expressed their desire and willingness to follow these steps to begin anew in their school and locality.
Mr. Selvaraj, kept the children attentive, vibrant and dynamic by teaching them the awareness songs. His melodious voice and simplicity were very much appreciated by the children and the staff. Sisters conducted a few games to help the children to orient their goal in life and draw their attention. The game was a significant tool to be successful in life that enabled them to listen, plan and act. After refreshment, the children were led to Eilayamuthur to witness a demo of the children’s parliament by village children. They were astonished when they saw the skills and talents, courage and the will power of the less privileged children.

ICC children gave their testimony after witnessing the programme telling that they were challenged by the competence of the children who dared to be different in their families, school and in the society. They affirmed and appreciated the young twinkling stars of the Elilayamuthur as they shared their joy and distributed sweets and snacks to them. They bid adieu to continue their journey towards a new horizon.Anal Community- Udumalpet

Little Heroes in Exposure Programme

The mission of I.C.C.Middle School is to develop not only academic excellence in students but also to inculcate in them social awareness and responsibility towards the society. With this in mind 30 students of VIII and 5 teachers went to Udumalpet on October11th on an exposure programme.
"Actions speak louder than words’’. We were warmly welcomed by the Anal Community with chandan, kumkum. The team Mr.Swamy Nadhan and Mr.Selvam were present and the morning session started with an inaugural address by Sr.Helen Joseph .They explained about the social organization through which the team evoked social responsibility to the students. Games were conducted for the students to know their ability. All took part enthusiastically and proved their talents. After lunch we visited one of the adopted villages Alayapudur.The teachers in charge of the study center welcomed us in a traditional way. The students gave a demonstration on how the 'Children's Parliament' function in selection of the speaker, how the bill is passed and how it is carried out. Even though these students belong to the below poverty level, this commitment and interest is something remarkable. Our students were astonished to see the work carried out by Children's Parliament. Those students have solved many problems in the village like, bringing street lights and drinking water to their village. They take care of the welfare of the student’s education. A group of teachers give special coaching for the school going students and several meetings are being organized in the evenings focusing on the problems prevailing in the village.

The students of our school were very excited to see the social awareness of these children. As a token of love and affection, our students shared sweets and biscuits with them.

Then it was time to depart. But our hearts were filled with happiness. We saluted the little heroes, and future leaders who are working for a noble cause. They are the role models to our students.Caroline Victoria fmm, ICC- Coimbatore






We the Social Service League group organized an orientation programme for the government girl’s higher secondary school students under the guidance of our correspondent Sr. Stella Balthazar and our principal Sr.Rani . This orientation programme was held on the 8 of August 2014, on the theme ‘The rights of a Girl Child”. Sr. Stella conducted the programme and very clearly explained the root cause of the problems faced by women and children specially the girls. She helped us to discuss the ways and means of empowering them.

Self -awareness is the key to solve problems and this was explained with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs .Followed by this she explained the rights of children. They are: the right to survival, right to protection, right to participation, right to development and social and cultural rights. We were given some questions for discussion and dialogue. The key principle of this orientation is self- discipline, enthusiasm and passion for the well- being of others.

On the 18 of August, twenty five of us belonging to the social league with three staff members-Mrs.Hazel, Mrs. Sudha, Mrs. Bobby and our correspondent Sr. Stella Balthazar set out for Nanjanad at 8.30 a.m. After a steep walk down the road, we reached the Government Girl’s Higher Secondary School. The headmaster and the staff members were very happy to welcome us. There were seventy four girls from standard VI to VIII. They were divided into five groups. We went in five groups and started our cultural exchange. The interactions we had with the girls had been very touching and it challenged our life style. In spite of their frugal living they were very happy, contented, with Rs.5/- as their pocket money. They were very friendly, very open and moved freely with us. They are highly motivated to study well and aspire to become doctors, police, teachers etc. Their teachers encourage them a lot and they are happy with them. They have participated in sports and have won medals.

The problems and difficulties these children face are:-
        -Widows are rejected in their society.can sit for studies. But the boys are let free

        -The girl child has to do all the household chores and only after 7.30p.m                                                                                             

       -They have to go very far to fetch water.
       -Girls are exposed to abusive situation
       -In most of the families father is a drunkard and so women face a lot of  problems  when they come back after their work.

       -There is caste discrimination.

Followed by this interaction we gave an hour’s programme based on the theme ‘Empowerment of a Girl Child.’ It was an exciting moment for us when we shared their food and mid-day meals.














For the follow up, the staff from Nanjanad will visit our school and will get orientation. The students of that school will come over to Nazareth to interact with our students and motivation class will be given for students of X and XII .We extend our sincere thanks to Mr.Arjunan, the headmaster of Nanjanad Government Girl’s Higher Secondary School, who gave us the wonderful opportunity of learning from the less privileged and also to Sr.Stella Balthazar, who guided us in our programme and encouraged us. Thanks to our staff members for their constant presence and support. ‘Be happy with what you have “is the lesson we have learnt for our life. It was indeed an experiential learning for all of us.Sr. Rani fmm- Nazareth Convent