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An Exposure - women trafficking


An Exposure to the ‘dark’ cities ofMumbai and Pune    

          Chhattisgarh is one of the tribal states of India where human right violations are on the increase. Trafficking of young school girls, women, and young boys is steadily on the rise coupled with migration induced by poverty and lack of opportunities. The trafficked most often land up in brothels of Metropolitan cities such as Mumbai and Pune.  The ‘Women and Child welfare’ (WCD) department of the Government is keenly committed in this issue of anti-human trafficking. It networks with other departments such as Labour, Intelligence, Police and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

          To highlight the strategies and significance of rehabilitation, the WCD organized a ‘reality exposure programme’ from 26-29, December, 2014 to the selected members from among the networking partners. A total of 12 members took part in the programme. The Jeevan Jharna Society is one among the selected two NGOs and the Directress Sr. Annie J. Mary participated in the exposure. The WCD took care of all the arrangements of tickets, short travels and logistics.

          In Mumbai the team visited Shelter homes and Night shelter centres run by Prerana NGO for the trafficked girls, boys and the children of prostitutes.  Being supported by WCD of Maharashtra government, the centres function efficiently with regard to the safety, security, and schooling of the children. Sr.Sagaya FMM, St.Antony’ home, Kamatipuram, who works for the betterment of prostitutes, helped the team to interact with the women and girls. The interaction was informative and emotional to know the woes, agony and painful situation of the women who are in the flesh trade. The interaction revealed the various nexus, routes and network involved in the multi-million trade. The director of WCD sought cooperation from Sr.Sagaya and other networking NGOs to help rescue girls and women trafficked from Chhattisgarh State. They assured that they will work and support through Jeevan Jharna Vikas Sanstha which is based in Kansabel, Jashpur district.

          The team also interacted with the Police department located near Crafford market, Navi Mumbai. The Police personnel revealed that they are not aware about trafficking, but work towards curbing infiltration from Nepal and Bangladesh. Through sharings of rescued cases, the police personnel understood the gravity of the issues and assured the director  of WCD to render their cooperation and supports.



          In Pune the team visited Vigyan Asharam- a home for the drop out children and children in need. The Ashram provides multiple opportunities to learn and develop different skills and trades so to make the children self-reliant. It was wonderful to see many young boys and girls involved in different trades. The interaction was very informative and educative in many ways.  Further it gave new insights on the nature of rehabilitative strategies that could be adopted for the rescued victims. Moreover better utilization of available resources plays a major role in making the rescued victims self reliant and self sufficient.

          The team also visited Adoption Centres and Domestic working Forum in the city. The interaction with the relevant personnel revealed various aspects of trafficking networks. The discussions enabled to strike new collaborative ventures between WCD and grass root forums and NGOs.

          Personally it was an opportunity to come face to face with the ‘dark’ aspects of human trafficking with its inherent evils. Besides being informative, educative and emotive, the exposure offered new challenges both at the personal and societal levels. I express my Gratitude to WCD for this wonder exposure.  I am thankful to the Kansabel community for all the supports. I am also grateful to my Provincial Rev.Sr.Taurina for her constant encouragement to this innovative mission of the Congregation.

  Sr.Annie J.Mary, FMM

  Kansabel, Chhattisgarh.