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Tosmm- Women's day celebration 2016

Our NGO is TOSMM (Thyaga Oli Sudar Mahalir Mandram) started on 26th  July, 1990 with  our office in Ammankulam, Puliakulam,Coimbatore. October 2015 was the Silver jubilee year. We work in 100 wards in Coimbatore Corporation concentrating mostly on Slum Based Population.At the start we had been organising women to come together in groups , have weekly meetings, start a small saving scheme, Book keeping, re-oganising awareness programmes etc.. Thus Mahalir Thittam was started in 2002 a Goverment scheme.  Under Mahalir Thittam we had formed about 2250 women groups. After the State government stopped financing, we applied to NAFINS(National Financial Service LTD) which has its Head Office in Bangalore. We made an agreement to work with them in  November 2013 and is going on to date..

 – 8th March.2016  



To be recognized, esteemed, and honored as someone is one of the basic desires of the human heart. Some get it by birth and some actualize it through personal effort. But the vast majority of people go unrecognized, marginalized and rejected. This applies not only to individuals but also to certain sections of society. So, International Days are set apart to awaken the conscience of the world to this reality and also to empower them in order that they too may experience the joy of living and contribute their mite to the growth of society. The theme for this year’s women’s day is “Pledge for Parity”.

This women’s Day celebration was a memorable one. As part of our celebration we had arranged some games for the women on 19th of February. There was fun and laughter, competitive spirit and enthusiasm.  Everyone was alert as their names were called out for different games. Many of the participants won a prize which was distributed to them on Women’s Day by the guests.

On 8th March, all gathered happily for the celebration. The inauguration of the International Women’s day began in V.O.C Park by 6.30 PM with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest and other guests. All the women held burning lamps and took the pledge of love, peace and harmony. The chief guest Mr.Vanangamudi, Head, Canara, MSME Business Facilitation Centre expressed his views  about women, their enthusiasm, and their enduring power etc, etc.  Women are powerful and they can be trusted and empowered. There are many Government schemes which will help them to develop their skills too. So, he encouraged them to benefit from these for their own development.

Sr. Christy TOSMM Project Co-Ordinator gave the presidential address. She wished all the women saying be happy and proud of being women. Men’s concept about women is goddess, merciful, kind and so on but women are still treated as object in today’s society. Women’s courage and self confidence only can save and protect women. She expressed her desire to see equality among men and women in the society. First of all, treat children equally and give due respect to both boys and girls. Encourage girl child that she is equal to boy child, build self confidence in her, give freedom to her and appreciate her to express her feelings and problems, give chances to develop.

Ms. Shivashankari, in her address made it clear that women are the light and they dispel the darkness in their homes. Dr.Ms.Harini while addressing the women said that they should uphold their rights. They should inculcate in their children good values and above all treat both boys girls equally in their homes where by children can learn these values from mother. Women should stand together to raise their voice when injustice is done to them. Sometimes women are women’s greatest enemies.

Mrs. Kannama, PLF leader spoke that women in the modern world are courageous and take up different profession along with men. She quoted some of the leading women in the society and appreciated their courage. She added: Teacher’s day is celebrated by students, Children’s day is celebrated by teachers, in the same way, Women’s day should be celebrated by men but men are not willing to do so. Let us women celebrate our day. Let us appreciate ourselves and our work.

The Women groups entertained us all with  a cultural program. Prizes were distributed to the winners of various competitions. Finally, Mrs. Jacintha proposed vote of thanks and we all dispersed with a renewed energy and happiness.


Srs. Christy and Rebecca, fmm