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International Day for Persons with Disabilities.


                        International Day for Persons with Disabilities.

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude” Scott Hamilton

World Disablity Day or the International Day of People with Disability is celebrated every year on3rdDecember with the aim of encouraging a better under- standing of people affected by disability and also to raise awareness about it. The vital purpose of the celebration is to improve their self-esteem, well-being and rights in the society. According to the statistics, fifteen percentage of the global population lives with a disability and they come under “the world’s largest minority” and face lot of obstructions in all aspects of life.

Aim of celebrating the International Day of Disabled Persons:

·         To increase the awareness and understanding of people towards the issues of disabled people.

·         To support the disabled people to improve their self-respect, welfare and security in the society.

·         To address the issues faced by disabled persons in all aspects of life.

·         To evaluate whether the schemes implemented by the government organizations produce better results.

·         To assist disabled people to access free medical care and necessary aids.

·         To focus on their health, well being, education and social dignity.

We are working in thirty villages of Chicholi taluk of Gulbarga District for the past three years. We have identified seven hundred and five disabled persons.  Sr. Maria pinto along with the CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation Project) staff works with the disabled people to bring them to the main stream of the society.

Present Activities

-  Organizing training programmes for CBR staff, the Disabled Peoples’ Group and the care givers on handling children with severe disability.

- Facilitating person with disability to avail disability certificates, aids, surgery and surgical care from the referral hospitals.

- Formation and strengthening of Children’s Clubs.

-  Making higher education and training available to children with disability.

- Conduct capacity building sessions for the terminally disabled persons.

The above activities are implemented in this locality and   we find a lot of improvement in the lives of disabled people. They are referred to other institutions to gain vocational skills. Through our intervention fifty of them are self employed. We have distributed aids and appliances like wheel chair, tricycle, crutches, spectacles, kit bags, hearing aids and cots   to those in need. We refer the mentally ill people to the mental health camp. Six mentally challenged persons of our neighbourhood are stabilized and are engaged in regular activities.

Awareness programmes were conducted in thirty villages for parents and care givers about vaccination and the disadvantages of marriages between   blood relatives. We motivate parents to enroll their children with disabilities to government nurseries. They are encouraged to participate in Grama Sabha(village council). Eighty disabled persons have already started to build houses under the Housing Scheme by Panchayath. We have thirty disabled people’s groups and we conduct leadership programmes for them. Twenty five groups have opened their bank accounts and have received Rs.5,000/- each to start small scale self employment.

On 7th December 2016 Prathyasha community celebrated the International day for persons with disabilities in the premises of Helen’s School,Chincholi, Gulbarga district. Many people gathered for the programme. The dignitaries of the day were Mr.Jaganatha Gadhar, the Women and Child Development officer, Mrs.Renukabai, District Panchyath president, Mrs.Indumathi, Town Panchyath president, Mrs.Farzan, vice president, Mr. Anil Kumar Rathod, Mr.Shrementh M.R.W and   Sr. Anne Marie, the superior presided over the function.

Sr. Anne Marie inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp symbolizing the lives of disabled people who have to be brought to the mainstream of the society. In her address she said that each person was a gift of God. Sr. Maria Pinto spoke on the importance of celebrating the day. The invitees appreciated our service for the society and promised their support in all our endeavours. The differently abled persons were also given an opportunity to express their views.  The programme concluded with lunch.

“Let us work together for the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in an inclusive and sustainable world that embraces humanity in all its diversity”-Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General

Sr. Maria Pinto,