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Our Mission

Mary of the Passion with a large heart willing to embrace those in need of whatever kind did not specify a particular line of action for her daughters. Instead, they are expected to answer the needs of our day as she did in her life time. Being the first missionary congregation for women in the church she reached out wholesale for the development and liberation of women – claiming self-respect, providing means to earn their livelihood and to be daring to an extant too.

Hence our involvement in services is multifaceted.

  • To empower the powerless women socially and economically
  • To seek out the lost and to reach out to the unreached

  • To integrate the LGBT into the main stream of society

  • To enable the differently abled to secure the possibility to respectful life

  • With and through the NGOs and legal aid prevent human – trafficking and flesh trade

  • Seek to enter new avenues that respond to the problems of the digital world and cybercrimes, plight of migrants and tribal welfare 

  • To protect the young and through pastoral care avoid breakup of families.