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Through education for life is our commitment in keeping with the vision of Bl.Mary of the Passion, our Foundress. These women, in turn, become ambassadors of social and ecological justice, working to uphold the pluralistic heritage of our Nation. In giving preference to the poor, dalits and the marginalized in urban and rural areas, FMM sisters labour to bring Christ`s Kingdom to them. We serve in Colleges of higher learning, Nursing Schools, Higher Secondary Schools, High Schools, Middle Schools, Primary Schools, Vocational and Non-formal study Centres. Most of these were situated in semi urban and rural areas at the time of origin. With the passage of years our institutions have become prominent landmarks surrounded by the advancements of life.

List of educational institution

  • Delhi Province
  • Mumbai Province
  • Bangalore Province
  • Chennai Province
  • Coimbatore Province
1st.joseph's school of nursing baramulla -
2st.joseph's nursing student's hostel baramulla -
3girls primary schoolginabahar - chhattishgarh1927hindi-
4girls middle schoolginabahar - chhattishgarh1947hindi-
5girls high schoolginabahar - chhattishgarh1962hindi-
6girls hr.sec. schoolginabahar -
7girls hostelginabahar -
8st.norbert's hindi medium school - primaryjabalpur - madhya
9st.norbert's hindi anglo middle schooljabalpur - madhya
10st.norbert's hindi high school jabalpur - madhya
11st.norbert's hindi higher secondary schooljabalpur - madhya
12st.norbert's english medium schooljabalpur - madhya
13st.norbert's college for womenjabalpur - madhya pradesh2011hindi &
14divya vandana girls primary schooljokbahla &
15divya vandana girls middle schooljokbahla &
16divya vandana girls english medium schooljokbahla &
17divya vandana girls hosteljokbahla -chhattishgarh1961hindi &
18deen palika girls hostelkansabel -
19convent of our lady of providence girls high
20mater dei school cbscnew
21primary schooltollygunge -
Sl.No.Name of the Institution PlaceFoundationMediumLink
1Villa Theresa High School /
2St.Anthony's High School/ SSCMumbai1922English
3Rosary High School/ SSCDona Paula-Goa1954English
4Rosary Higher Secondary School / HSSCDona
5Rosary Convent High School / SSCHyderabad-Telangana
6St.Joseph's High School/ SSC 1903Telugu
7St Mary's Girls High Sch / SSCMirialguda-Telangana 1961English & Telugu
8Fatima Girls High Sch / SSCKazipet-Telangana1953English & Telugu
9Sacred Heart Girls High Sch /SSCGodavari Khani-Telangana1964English & Telugu
10St.Anthony's High School / SSCMonogudu-Telangana1954Telugu
11St Theresa of Little Flower School/ Upper PrimaryBhimanapally-Telangana.1934English & Telugu
12St Gaetan's/ Upper Primary SchoolBrahmanapally-Telangana1940English & Telugu
13St Elisabeth's Upper Primary SchoolKethepally-Telangana.1952Telugu
14Our Lady of Help / Primary School Ribandar Goa 2005English
15Maris Stella Autonomous CollegeVijayawada-A.P.1962English
Our Lady’s Teachers Training Institute Thopumpaddy 1941 Malayalam
St. Helen’s PU College Chincholi 2014 English
Our Lady’s Convent Higher Secondary School Thopumpaddy (Unadided) 2002 Malayalam
Our Lady’s Convent Higher Secondary School Thopumpaddy (Adided) 2014 English
St. Helen’s Girls Higher Secondary school Lourdepuram 2002 English
Franciscan Institute High School Providence Bangalore 2005 Kannada
Franciscan Institute High School Providence Bangalore 2017-2018 English
Helen’s High School Chincholi 2015 English
Our Lady’s Convent Girls High School Thopumpaddy 1941 Malayalam & English
St. Joachims H.S. School,  Kaloor Kaloor 2003 English
O.L.L High School Palmaner 2002 Telugu
St. Helen’s High School Lourdepuram 1976 Malayalam & English
St. Helen’s Primary School Providence Bangalore 2017-2018 English
Franciscan Institute Primary School Providence Bangalore 1967 Kannada
Roman Catholic Mission Kannada Aided Higher Primary, School Kollegal 1937 Kannada
Roman Catholic Mission English Higher Primary, School Kollegal 2012 English
Maria Assunta English Medium School Manjapetty-Iddukki 2015 English
Our Lady’s Girls  Primary School Thopumpaddy 1945 Malayalam & English
St. Joachims U.P. School, Kaloor Kaloor 1931 English
O.L.L Upper Primary Aided  School Palmaner 2015 English
St. Helen’s Primary School Lourdepuram 1923 Malayalam & English
St. Helen’s Upper Primary School Lourdepuram 1946 Malayalam & English
St. Joseph I P.U.P.S Manassery Kattiparambu 1916 Malayalam
St. Elizabeth’s  Kindergarten Kattiparambu 1998 English
St. Helen’s Kindergarten Providence Bangalore 2013-2014 English
Roman Catholic Mission Nursery School Kollegal 1983-1984 Kannada
Kollegal 2019-2012 English
Helen’s Kindergarten Chincholi 2009 English
Maria Assunta Kindergarten Manjapetty, Idukki 2006 English
Rosary Nursery Thopumpaddy 2002 English
St. Francis Nursery School Kaloor 2002 English
O.L.L Nursery Palmaner 2015 English
St. Helen’s Nursery School Lourdepuram 1990 Malayalam & English
Our Lady’s Hostel Thopumpaddy 1970
St. Francis Study home Kaloor 1983
Lourdes Hostel Lourdepuram 2016
Amala Kutumba Abivrudhi Yojane Amalagondhi 1982
Chiguru Chincholi 2008
Nisarga Hosadurga 1998
Our Lady’s SHGs Thopumpaddy (SHG) 1930
St. Francis Xaviers SHGs Kaloor Workroom & Self help groups 1932
Lourdes Convent, SHGs Lourdepuram Workroom & Self help groups 1922
Maria Assuntha Women’s Self Help Groups Palmanr Workroom & Self help groups 1950
St. Elizabeth’s Convent, SHGs Kattiparambu Workroom &Self help groups (SHGs) 1915
St.Joseph’s Health Care Centre Martalli 1968
St. Thomas Convent  – Dispensary Thomayarpalam 1970
Our Lady’s Dispensary Palmaner 1944
1stella maris collegechennai1947english-
2st.hellen's schoolchennai1961tamil-
3s.h hr sec schoolthanjavur1928tamil-
5holy angel's A.I.Hr.Sec.SchoolT nagar - chennai1889english
6st raphael's - chennai1913english & tamil-
7st dominic's mount - chennai1901english-
8st.joseph's primary schoolmylapore - chennai1890tamil-
9st.hellen's primary schoolst.thomas mount - chennai1906tamil-
10s.h primary schoolthanjavur1937english & tamil-
11s.h nursery and primary school thanjavur1928english-
12our lady's nursery schoolT nagar - chennai1934english-
13stella maris college hostelchennai1959--
14st.thomas hostelmylapore - chennai1935--
15child jesus hosteltrichy1964--
16amali seva illam hosteltrichy1964--
17child jesus school of genral nursing and midwiferytrichy1966--
18genral nursing and midwiferytrichy1989--
19child jesus college of nursing trichy2006--
1st.mary's girls hr.sec.schoolcoimbatore1875tamil & english-
2bethlehem girls hr.sec.schoolooty1947tamil & english-
3st.mary's girls hr.sec.schoolkotagiri1962tamil & english-
4st.thomas girls hr.sec.schoolavinashi---
5st.antony's high schoollovedale1911tamil -
6st.michael's high schoolketti1978tamil-
7st.john de britto high schoolsathy1966--
8st.joseph's matric
9st.michael's matric schoolketti2010english-
10st.mary's home school -
11st.joseph's matric school sathy1962english-
12st.francis anglo indian high schoolcoimbatore1879english-
13nazareth convent
14st.antony's middle schoolkotagiri1921tamil-
15st.antony's primary schoolkandal - ooty1905tamil-
16bethlehem primary school ooty1875tamil-
17st.francis primary schoolmanjanakorai- ooty1956tamil-
18st.philomena's primary schoolgreen field - ooty1931english-
19st.michael's primary schoolketti1924tamil-
20st.thomas primary schoolshanthoor - ketti1930tamil-
21st.john de britto primary schoolsathy1950tamil-
22st.thomas primary schoolavinashi1960tamil-
23lena nursery & primary schoollovedale1963english-
24our lady of fathima nursery & primary school-1953english-
25st.francis nursery schoolcoimbatore1943english-
26nazareth convent nursery & play schoolooty2015english-
27nazareth boarding ooty1875english-
28st.helen's hostel ( I C Convent )-1897tamil-
29st.michael's boardingketti1926tamil-
30st.joseph's convent home for childrensoosaipuarm1965--