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“The Lord will comfort Israel. He will make her deserts like Eden, Her waste land like the garden of the Lord. Joy and gladness will be there. Songs of thanksgiving will fill the air”. (Is.51:3)

Ishalaya reflects “God’s dwelling place” always open to all peoples without any discrimination of caste, creed and religious differences. The “call within the call”

We gratefully remember Ishalaya foundresses namely Srs. Teresia Dominic Marattukalam (Tara), Mary John Kattikatt, Esther Rani Isaac and Rita Susai who had expressed their desire to live our Charism through Ashram way of life. In response to the exhortation and recommendation of Vatican II, the General Chapters of 1978 and 1984 granted the permission to begin an ashram as per our onstitutions, emphasizing Inter Faith Dialogues in the Indian context. With the support of our Indian Provincials the Ashram was flourished along with the contributions of the local people and other well-wishers.

The land purchased for Ashram was barren. Eventually with the hard work of the sisters the place became a fruit bearing land and God’s graces and blessings filled the campus.

Simple life style and self-sacrifice produced such fruits of joy, peace, harmony, hospitality and fraternity around us. This  spiritual nourishment is experienced by our sisters and sisters of other congregation too. The priests and laity, both National and International have benefitted from it. The prayerful and silent atmosphere highlights the aim and goal of our Ashram.

We are deeply grateful to our Superiors General, Councillors, Provincials and their teams of both past and present for supporting the pioneers to fulfil their dreams come into reality. We are indebted to God for the past 37 fruitful long years of experience and life at Ishalaya. The zeal and enthusiasm motivated many to take the road less travelled, accepting and adopting to the “Call”. Through Interfaith Dialogue gatherings with the people around, we proclaim the uniqueness and universality which is a significant mark of F.M.M.

Family Apostolate strengthened our mission helping us to know the people and respecting their customs and traditions. The Ashramites mobilize men, women and children to participate in spreading communal harmony.

Gratefully we cherish the sweet memories of the visit of our General Councilors on the 8th January 2023. Their visit brought much joy among the locals and the Ashramites. It was a grace filled experience for all people gathered at the interfaith dialogue meeting.

As we continue on our path towards transitions, new blessings, renewal of fervor enable us to welcome with, “one heart and one soul,” the appointment of the new leadership team for each region. During this journey, we move on with faith. All these years each of us have experienced the motherly concern of our Bangalore Province and team, in supporting us to live our life at the Ashram meaningfully and effectively.

With deep gratitude ISHALAYA ASHRAM joins with all the sisters in our Province thanking Provincial Sr. Mary John and council, for their accompaniment, guidance and financial support. The Aims and goals have been strong pillars, in keeping up to the spiritual growth and harmonious wellbeing of “CELEBRATING LIFE IN ISHALAYA”. Every event, celebration, festival and awareness sessions are an eye opener to all. “Thanksgiving is the harvest of the heart……the noblest hallmark of courtesy……..The Ashramites express immense gratitude for the many opportunities provided to live this way of Life.

Sr. Athishu